Hiring has never been more challenging. In fact, according to the Global Staffing Market Estimates & Forecasts: May 2021, significant increases in staffing activity and revenue are predicted for the rest of this year and in to 2022. 

Despite the expected hiring increase, it’s a candidate-driven market with high contingent and contractor rates. Candidates being more selective than ever means the industry will continue to see a competitive employment and only companies with the ability to access top talent will win out. The key to tapping this much needed, in-demand talent pool is to work with a trusted staffing partner. 

Below are the 6 benefits of working with a tech recruitment firm such as TeamUP Staffing.

  1. Peace of Mind: Here at TeamUP Staffing, we provide clients with the peace of mind in knowing that they have a trusted advisor when it comes to their engineering and tech talent acquisition needs.
  2. Specialization: Your recruitment firm should be in the same space as your company. If your work is in engineering and tech, then choose a recruitment partner that has the same focus and specialization. They will know the specific skillsets that are needed to find candidates that will excel at your company. You can be sure that our staffing specialization in chip design, embedded software, big data and cloud will give you an extensive network of talent.
  3. Experience/Expertise: Industry expertise gives clients peace of mind regarding their talent acquisition needs. Whether you need contractors, consultants, temporary or contingent workers, TeamUP Staffing knows the engineering and tech skillsets you are looking for and how to qualify for them.
  4. Proven Methodology: Established processes and careful vetting ensure you won’t waste your time interviewing a candidate that is unqualified or unexcited about a position or your company. Our staffing specialization enables us to source and maintain an impressive network of highly technical talent.
  5. Employee Benefits: A good staffing partner should offer and administer benefits. From 401K, PTO (paid time off) and health insurance to continuing education and professional development, working with TeamUP Staffing will alleviate the stress and burden for your hiring managers and HR staff allowing them to do what they do best. For candidates, they learn new perspectives and skills working for a variety of assignments with benefits provided through one employer.
  6. Speed & Accountability: When you work with recruiting firm, the hiring process, from search to offer, should be seamless. We assign a dedicated team to your company, each of whom gets to know your culture, which speeds up the hiring process. Working in concert with one another and with your company, we work as an extension of your HR department and manage as much of the hiring process as you need.

“We’re in the business of your business,” says TeamUP Staffing President & CEO Mike Jones. “We know the engineering and tech skillsets you are looking for and how to qualify for them. This is why our clients routinely turn to us when time, efficiency, quality and the right engineering and tech talent are top priorities.”

Your business is only as strong as your team. We’re here to help you find the talent you need. Contact us.

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