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Shed costs, build more speed, and accelerate your journey to the cloud with an intelligent strategy. More companies are moving to the cloud for the goals of digital transformation, competitive edge, and actualization of the power and full benefits of agile and scalability. Along this journey, necessary steps must be taken for a strong digital transformational infrastructure to be established. One of these steps begins with your journey to the cloud. Here is how our team of experts can help you along the way.

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Cloud Platform Selection

Too many cloud platforms exist today with distinct features, maturity, price, and vision. Your selection depends on your company’s initiatives, employee skill sets, and technical disparities across departments or teams in your organization. TeamUP delivers highly trained individuals with cloud expertise and in-depth understandings of all associated technologies and will help you select the right cloud platform strategy that would meet the needs of your company.

Cloud Enablement

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service): Scale-up and shrink storage, networking, virtual servers as needed without the need for heavy upfront capital expenditures to give you more flexibility in spike usage
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service): Run, develop and manage applications with flexibility and ease with the correct container customized to your goals.
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service): Customize your niche industry cloud application or sophisticated enterprise database and AI software.

Application Modernization

Retire technical debt. As your business grows, so can the sluggishness of your legacy applications. You need a smart app mod strategy. Modernize applications with the latest cloud and technology strategy. TeamUP works side by side with you to create new business objectives and design new solutions that scale and digitally transform your business. Connect with one of our experts to help you optimize and modernize what you have, build what you need, and manage it effectively for the years to come.

  • Architecture: We help you choose when to simplify and extend applications with containers and API’s or help decide when it’s best to refactor them using microservices.
  • Infrastructure: Optimizing your infrastructure is crucial for keeping up with accelerated market demands. Increase operational performance with a strategy that maximizes your ability to support your business now and into the future with our multi-cloud environment technologists today.
  • Delivery: Increase your capacity to scale and move applications to where they run most efficiently. Leverage existing business investments that got you to where you are today while capitalizing on the agility, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud.



You don’t need to start over. Unlock the potential in your applications that got you where you are today to transform your tomorrow.

Container Orchestration

Automate the tasks of deploying, scheduling, scaling, and networking applications with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and OpenShift platforms.


Transform legacy systems. Modernize the way you work towards SRE.

Data Storage

The demands and expectations for storage performance are expanding. We will help you establish the best storage infrastructure for your new strategy or architecture. Doing so will ensure the best integrity to build apps, DevOps, and any other technology initiatives.


We will help you efficiently plan, build, and execute your transition to the cloud with the right methodologies that meet the available, scalable efficiencies of your target platform.


Define data ownership and maintain visibility of data exchanges between public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Maintain complete control over security keys and ensure data and cloud integration are secure and stable.


Let’s TeamUP to Level-UP your capabilities and ignite new ideas to advance the transformation you have set out to achieve.

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