Defense and Aerospace

Mission Focused.

The same technologies that seemed far-fetched a few years ago are now helping agencies and departments deliver faster, smarter, and stay better protected. Our team of technology experts can help you evaluate, analyze, and recommend ways to implement these next-generation technologies in a way that best aligns with your mission requirements.

Computer app software

Defense Services

TeamUP delivers support and solutions for the defense, intelligence, and military industries to help develop applications, combat vehicles, artillery systems, electronic systems, subsystems, radar, navigation and GPS, communications, networks, autonomous systems and aircrafts.








TeamUP delivers support and solutions for the commercial aerospace and space industries by helping design, develop and modernize hardware and software electrical components for next-generation technologies.










Our digitital VLSI design services include:
ASIC/RTL design, FPGA, Design Verification, DFT, Validation, Emulation, Physical Design (Timing and PnR). Our Analog Design Services include: RF, A/MS IC design, Layout Design

Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering Services include: Embedded development ( Audio, DSP, Grapics, Video, Wireless, Wired, Storage, Motor Control), Firmware, DSP, and Bare Metal


Our Security services include: Cyber defense, threat intelligence, cloud security, targeted attack testing, threat intelligence, detection and response.

IT Infrastructure

We help transform existing infrastructure with application modernization, container orchestration, Microservices, and Cloud Enablement. Our services include cloud computing, Inrastructure as Code, Elastic Stack, DevSecOps and Next Generation Data Center Services.

Application Development

Our software and app dev services include: client server development using c++, C#, and java; front-end development using javascript frameworks and back-end development using python. We also provide DevOps and QA testing.


Our Data Engineering services include architecting distributed systems, pipeline development, architecting data stores. We build tools and frameworks to unlock the power of your data and bring to life machine learning projects to bring forth the fruit of automation and discovery in artificial intelligence.

Let’s TeamUP to Level-UP your capabilities and ignite new ideas to advance the transformation you have set out to achieve.

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