The technology industry is growing fast and evolving faster. Because of that, it’s become a sturdy job market, but the demand puts the power in the contractors’ hands. Contractors are being more selective than ever in choosing who to partner with, meaning companies have to offer much more desirable opportunities. Below are three reasons we think TeamUP stands out from the crowd to contract tech consultants.

1. TeamUP offers a niche focus

Unlike having a tech hiring manager try to find the right fit, choosing a partner with the expertise required for the position you’re looking to fill provides peace of mind that you’re receiving qualified talent without time-consuming explanations. At TeamUP, we work to align the right consultants to the right teams in our niche markets of chip design, engineering, data, and cloud.

Specifically, we specialize in providing tech consultants for:

How we work

Additionally, TeamUP has established careful vetting to ensure you won’t waste time interviewing a consultant who is unqualified or unexcited about a particular position or company. This specialization enables us to source and maintain our network of skilled professionals.

Once applications start rolling in for an open position, our experienced recruiters prescreen, run background checks, and verify skills through references and a series of reviews before continuing with an interview with the company. We will not introduce anyone to a hiring manager unless we believe they’re the right fit.  We want to ensure that whoever you hire can hit the ground running.

2. TeamUP saves you money

There are a few ways that working with TeamUP can save you costs in ways you might not think about. The initial benefit is that our vetting system and expertise cut down the chance of a “bad” hire, leading to substantial long-term savings.

Secondly, as we’ll go into more detail soon since we handle acquisition and benefits, this frees up your hiring teams to focus on areas where they might be more needed.

Lastly, rather than putting additional demands on current permanent staff, an employer can use TeamUp to bring in temporary workers to help split up the amount of work during busy times. Furthermore, asking existing employees to work many hours of overtime can tire your staff, increase the possibility of errors, and add excessive costs to your budget. Working with TeamUP can help reduce those overtime payments because it reduces the number of hours your current staff must work to meet production goals. It also helps reduce burnout, which means fewer errors and less stress overall.

3. TeamUP offers growth and work/life balance

As hinted above, to best the best partner we can be, we offer and administer benefits. From 401K, PTO, and health insurance to continuing education and professional development, working with TeamUP alleviates the stress and burden for your hiring managers and HR staff. This also allows the consultants we work with to learn new perspectives and skills working for various assignments while having benefits provided by a singular employer.

TeamUP firmly believes in the value of our consultants on and off the job. Our culture of ownership, transparency, and honesty empowers our team to provide experienced and high-quality candidates in a short amount of time to our clients. With a customer-centric approach, and established recruiting processes, we believe this is why we should be your first choice as a valuable recruiting and business partner.

Ready to level up with TeamUP?

There are a lot of choices out there, but TeamUP is invested in integrating real change with powerful connections customized to the engineering and technology industries. We know markets are dynamic and things change; so, we believe in staying ahead of them. We strive to make on-demand talent sourcing simple by supplying skilled tech professionals to meet your Tech and IT Staffing needs while remaining on budget and on time by building excellent teams and careers while effectively impacting and elevating the lives, teams, and companies we work with. As our founder, Mike Jones says, “your business is our business.”

Looking for quality talent but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help! Level up your teams by contacting us today!

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