Improving your customer experience and increasing productivity is always the main priority for businesses. As the market is constantly changing, businesses need to be flexible and evaluate how to create the best experience possible. We’ve all heard how important both customer experience (CX) and employee experience are but how do they really impact reaching business goals? “Research shows that companies with excellent CX have employees that are 1.5 times more engaged than employees at companies with less satisfactory CX; additionally, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%. However, research conducted in 2015 uncovered that only 32% of American workers feel engaged in their work. When employees suffer, customers suffer, and so does a company’s ROI.”  


Improving Performance

Investing and improving employee experience reaps benefits for the business. Not only does performance increase, but employees will also feel more valued and in turn will become more creative and innovative. So, how are you supporting employees? Are they professionally and personally being invested in improving their skills? When businesses take an initiative to take an individualized approach to leadership, it has benefits for all employees, customers, and contractors. Hiring tech contractors can be the first step toward improving your customer experience, and here’s how: 


Eliminating Overtime and Burnout: 

The effects of the pandemic and increasing project needs have caused many tech professionals to take on additional tasks to help alleviate the shortage. For a period, this situation can be handled, but when prolonged, many employees experience burnout. This burnout leads to feelings of being overworked and ends in a resignation from the employee. To avoid this and retain your top talent, invest in bringing in more team members to eliminate overtime and burnout in your teams. Hiring contractors to fill in temporarily and offset project responsibilities takes the overload off your full-time employees. When your employees are happy, they provide a better experience for your customers. TeamUP Staffing’s team of experience 


Expanding Expertise: 

Have a project that requires a temporary need for an engineer with a hard-to-find skill set?  That’s when working with an engineering consultant can help you accelerate your project schedule and time to market. This is where we excel! We source, vet, and build relationships with specialized engineers looking for their next challenging project. We specialize in finding the right professional when you need it. Have questions on how to find the best staffing partner? Start here! 


Increasing Capacity: 

Have an aggressive schedule approaching and falling behind? The time could be now! We get how long it can take to have all the pieces ready to get your project started. If you are experiencing a halt due to lacking the skillset needed internally, hiring a contractor can help you achieve that goal! Improve products and availability by engaging with an engineering consultant to augment workload spikes to stay on schedule for deliverables.  


Testing Innovative Ideas: 

Before you invest in permanent staff to start on a new project, start testing the idea with contract help. This process allows money to not be invested or wasted in products that could potentially have a short life span and then the business has a team that no longer serves a purpose. Ensure you can see every project or hypothesis through with a temporary team of contractors. Customers are continuously seeking new, innovative products and this allows you to keep inventing with a team that is regularly testing to advance products through or not. 


Eliminating Bottlenecks: 

Ram-up and ramp-down with a flexible staff. Engineering contract help can be added to your team with flexible size and a quicker turnaround than hiring a direct employee. Choose from available experienced contractors who have relevant experience to hit the ground running and add value to your team right away. No longer put projects on hold because you lack the internal resources to support them.  Ensure you never miss out on an opportunity because you don’t have a sufficient team to complete it. 

Managing your Workload:

Do you need more time back in your day to manage your team or offload tasks so you can focus on the job you were hired for?  We can help you get there. TeamUP Staffing alleviates time constraints and burdensome technical task debt daily throughout the automotive, AI, AR/VR, aerospace, quantum and high-performance computing, consumer electronics, medical, financial, communications, and enterprise applications industries. Whatever skill set you’re looking for; we have the right engineering professional for your team. Let’s work toward reducing your task debt and get you back to what you love and do best for your team and rediscover what got you where you are today. 


TeamUP Staffing is Here to Help!  


Using tech to create breakthroughs for customer experience starts with your business having the team that has the skillset to complete the project. Start by reflecting on where your business is currently falling short. Is that: a list of untested hypotheses, lacking the skillset needed, have an urgent job vacancy? TeamUP Staffing is here for you to help you overcome it all. We’re experienced in offering solutions specific to your needs. Let’s partner together to accomplish your goals! Contact us today!

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